Transforming Healthcare with

In collaboration with Laboratorio Roche, Spherical designed and developed, a multifaceted platform for healthcare focused on various pathologies. This platform, launched in February 2022, not only serves as a practical guide for the health system in Chile, but also aspires to expand to different countries of Latin America.


User Research:

Our first step was to conduct a deep research on the need of the team and the end users using UX research methodology, which allowed us to find and understand the varied healthcare needs and the characteristics of the platform.


Its implementation allowed us to orchestrate multidisciplinary teams, freeing the team from the complexities of project management. We divided the tasks into Documentation, Design and Development, and we worked with 3 strategic milestones, allowing the teams to work in a parallel and dynamic way.

User Experience Map:

We designed a map to visualize the reach of the project and the complete journey of the user, from the initial search for information to the follow-up of a treatment.

Wireframes and Prototyping:

We used Figma to create wireframes that put usability first, followed by a high-fidelity interactive prototype that was tested with real users, allowing us to iterate in design and not in development, meaning optimization in time and costs.

Development and Testing:

Technologies such as Angular Universal for the Frontend and Strapi CMS for the Backend were used, in a microservices infrastructure in a Kubernetes environment.


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