The Importance of Low-Code Development and Why Spherical is the Best Partner for Startups

Low-code development has revolutionized the world of technology by enabling the fast and efficient creation of apps and software. In this article, we will explore the advantages of low-code development, the most popular tools in the market and how Spherical positions itself as the best partner for startups looking for agile and flexible solutions. Find out why Spherical is the ideal choice for agile project development with our approach based on agile methodologies and low-code experience.

What is low-code development?

    1. Low-code development is a methodology that allows the creation of apps and software with minimal manual coding. Using pre-established platforms and tools, developers can design, build and implement applications quickly and efficiently. This methodology is especially useful for startups, as it allows them to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the market and stay ahead of the competition.

    Benefits of low-code development

    • Fast development: The main advantage of low-code development is its speed. By using pre-established tools, developers can create apps in record time, allowing startups to launch their products to the market faster.<br>
    • Flexibility and scalability: Low-code solutions are highly adaptable and scalable, facilitating the implementation of changes and updates according to the needs of the business.
    • Cost reduction: Low-code development minimizes the investment in human resources and time, by requiring less manual programming and allowing a faster deployment.
    • Constant innovation: The ease of implementation and modification of low-code apps allows startups to experiment with new ideas and solutions, fostering innovation and growth.
      • Greater focus on the business: By reducing the complexity and time required for development, startups can focus on crucial aspects of their business, such as strategies, marketing and customer service.

    Popular low-code development tools

    There are several low-code development tools in the market that can help startups create apps and software quickly and efficiently. Some of the most popular include:

    • OutSystems: A leading platform in the market that enables the rapid development of web and mobile apps, with a wide range of functionalities and features.
    • Appian: A low-code solution focused on business process automation and system integration.
    • Mendix: A low-code development platform that offers collaboration, project management and cloud deployment tools.
      • Microsoft Power Apps: A set of apps and services that allow users to create custom apps without the need for advanced programming.

    Agile methodologies at Spherical

    At Spherical, we adopt an agile approach to project development, which allows us to be more flexible and efficient at every stage of the process.

    Our talented in-house collaborative team is integrated by Product Owners, Project Managers and UI/UX Designers who work together to ensure that each project is developed successfully and in line with your objectives.

    By using agile development methodologies, we focus on:

    • Active collaboration: We foster constant communication and collaboration between our team and our clients to ensure that everyone involved is aligned with the project’s objectives.
    • Rapid iterations: We divide the project into short development cycles, which allows us to quickly adapt to changes and address challenges efficiently.
    • Incremental deliveries: We prioritize the most important features and functionalities to make valuable deliveries to the customer from the beginning and continue to improve the product over time.
    • Adaptability and flexibility: We strive to predict changes in the market and in the customer’s needs, adapting the project’s approach to face new challenges and opportunities.
      • Continuous improvement: Through regular reviews and feedback, our team identifies areas of improvement and works together to optimize the development process and deliver exceptional results.

    Why Is Spherical The Best Partner for Startups?

    The combination of our focus on low-code development and agile methodologies makes Spherical the ideal partner for startups looking for fast, efficient and flexible solutions. Here are some reasons why Spherical is the best choice for startups:

    • Low-code experience: Our team of experts has extensive experience in using the leading low-code platforms and tools in the market, ensuring the quality and success of each project.
    • Agile approach: Our adoption of agile methodologies allows us to quickly adapt to changes and work efficiently at each stage of the process, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success.
    • Collaborative in-house team: We have a team of experts Product Owners, Project Managers and UI/UX Designers who work together to ensure that each project is developed successfully and in line with your objectives.
    • Consultancy and training: We offer consultancy and training in the use of low-code platforms and agile methodologies, so that you can get the most out of these technologies and optimize your internal processes.
    • Support and maintenance: We make sure that your low-code apps and software are always up to date and running properly. Our support team is available to solve any problem that may arise.
      • Security and compliance: We guarantee the security and privacy of your data, complying with the current security regulations and standards. We protect your investment and provide you with the peace of mind you need.


    Low-code development and agile methodologies are essential for startups that want to stay ahead of the competition and quickly adapt to the changing needs of the market. Spherical offers a unique combination of low-code experience, agile approach and a collaborative in-house team that ensures the delivery of successful projects and customized solutions. By working with Spherical, startups can benefit from the speed, flexibility and efficiency that low-code development offers, while leveraging our experience in agile methodologies and solid technical support.

    If you are a startup looking for the best partner for agile project development, look no further. Spherical is the ideal choice to bring your innovative ideas to the market in record time, with scalable and affordable solutions that will allow you to grow and prosper.

    Discover everything we can offer you and start your journey to success with Spherical today!