The relationship between Spherical and Start-Up Chile: A collaboration that boosts the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem

Start-Up Chile is a governmental initiative that seeks to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chile by attracting and supporting entrepreneurs from all over the world. Since its creation in 2010, it has helped more than 1,600 technology-related projects, providing funding, mentoring and networking. In this context, Spherical, a company specialized in digital services, has acted as a partner of Start-Up Chile, working with various technology-focused startups and generating a significant impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country.

The collaboration between Start-Up Chile and Spherical

Although Spherical was not a company accelerated by Start-Up Chile, its role as a provider allowed them to acquire valuable experience working with technology startups. This collaboration gave them the opportunity to apply their “startup” approach in innovative projects and work with outstanding emerging companies in various industries, such as fintech, agrotech and edtech, among others.

Creation of success stories

Spherical has been responsible for creating success story videos for Start-Up Chile, in which the work of outstanding startups in different sectors is highlighted. Among them are Lab4u, Fracctal, Phage Technologies, Fibidice, Betterfly, NotCo and Algramo. These videos have shown the impact of the startups in their respective industries and have been supported by important stakeholders such as Transbank, BCI, Microsoft and EY among others.

The support of Microsoft and Agrosuperr

The quality of the content created by Spherical has been recognized by companies such as Microsoft and Agrosuper, who have provided their support and collaboration. This endorsement reinforces Spherical’s reputation as a trusted provider in the field of digital services and demonstrates the scope and relevance of their work in the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Influential stakeholders

Stakeholders, such as Microsoft and Agrosuper, play a crucial role in the three-part model by providing support and resources to Start-Up Chile and its network of startups. These companies recognize the value of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile, and have established partnerships with Start-Up Chile to support its mission. By supporting the creation of content and offering additional resources, these stakeholders strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, encourage the growth of Chilean startups and access a series of benefits and solutions from Start-Up Chile’s large portfolio.

Creation of valuable content

Spherical, as a company specialized in digital services, acts as a facilitator in the collaboration between Start-Up Chile and its stakeholders. By creating valuable content, such as success story videos, Spherical allows Start-Up Chile and its startups to highlight their achievements and attract the attention of investors and potential customers. In addition, the content created by Spherical helps to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the startups and to raise awareness about the opportunities for collaboration in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Network of startups

The final component of the three-part model is Start-Up Chile’s own network of startups. These emerging companies benefit directly from the support provided by the stakeholders and the content created by Spherical. The visibility generated by the success story videos and other marketing materials can boost the growth of these startups by attracting investors, partners and customers. In addition, by collaborating with companies like Spherical, the startups can learn from their “startup” approach and apply their knowledge and skills in their own projects. The collaboration model between influential stakeholders, Spherical and Start-Up Chile’s network of startups has proven to be successful in strengthening the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem. By working together, they have generated an environment in which innovation and business growth can thrive, driving economic development and competitiveness in Chile.