Spherical: revolutionizing training in the industry with on-demand e-Learning – The Komatsu case

The industry faces constant challenges in terms of training and updating knowledge. The adoption of new technologies, methodologies and standards requires efficient and accessible training solutions. In this context, Spherical, a company specialized in e-learning design, video production and LMS platforms, has become a strategic ally for Komatsu, one of the leading heavy machinery companies in the world. Together, they have developed an innovative online training program focused on SOHE (Safety, Occupational Health and Environment). In this article, we will explore how Spherical has created a successful course using artificial intelligence and how this collaboration has benefited Komatsu and its employees.

I. The collaboration between Spherical and Komatsu:

Komatsu, aware of the importance of training its employees on safety, occupational health and environmental issues, sought Spherical to develop an e-learning course called SOHE. This collaboration allowed Spherical to apply its experience in e-learning design, on-site video production and LMS platforms to offer a comprehensive and effective solution.



II. e-Learning design and on-site video production:

Spherical applied its knowledge in instructional design and on-site video production to create an interactive and attractive SOHE course. The company focused on developing content that was clear and relevant for Komatsu’s employees, using a combination of animations, images, videos and other multimedia resources to enhance the learning experience.
42 pages SOHE e-Book delivered by Komatsu
Course structure designed by Spherical based on the SOHE document

III. LMS platform:

The SOHE course was implemented through Spherical’s LMS (Learning Management System) platform. This platform allows Komatsu’s employees to access the course from anywhere and at any time, which makes continuous training and knowledge updates easier. In addition, Spherical’s LMS platform offers tracking and evaluation tools that allow Komatsu to measure the effectiveness of its training program and adjust it as needed.

IV. The use of artificial intelligence in the development of the script:

One of the most innovative aspects of the project was the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop the course’s script. Spherical fed the AI with the technical specification provided by Komatsu and asked it to model this in a script format that would facilitate a better adoption by the team. The result was a script adapted to the specific needs of Komatsu, which addresses the key SOHE issues in a clear, structured and dynamic way.
AI-generated script

V. Benefits of the SOHE course for Komatsu:

The collaboration between Spherical and Komatsu has generated a series of tangible benefits for the company and its employees: The use of AI in the development of the script has allowed to create a course that fits Komatsu’s specific needs in terms of content and structure. Flexibility: The implementation of the course through Spherical’s LMS platform allows to access it from anywhere and at any time, which increases the availability and reach of training for Komatsu’s employees. Effectiveness: The combination of e-learning design, on-site video production and an efficient LMS platform ensures that the SOHE course is effective and attractive for the employees. This translates into a better retention of knowledge and a more efficient application of the concepts learned in the workplace. Improvement of safety and performance: By training its employees on safety, occupational health and environmental issues, Komatsu reinforces its commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees, which in turn reduces the risk of accidents and improves productivity at work. Monitoring and evaluation:The tracking and evaluation tools offered by Spherical’s LMS platform allow Komatsu to monitor the progress of its employees, identify areas that need improvement and adjust the content of the course as needed. Constant updates: The collaboration between Spherical and Komatsu ensures that the SOHE course is kept up to date with the latest trends, regulations and technologies in the field of safety, occupational health and environment.

VI. Conclusions and future perspectives:

In the future, we may see an increase in the adoption of on-demand e-learning solutions and the use of AI in the development of training courses in the industry. This may generate a transformation in the way companies train their employees and customers, allowing for greater customization, flexibility and efficiency in the adoption and application of new knowledge and skills. In summary, the collaboration between Spherical and Komatsu in the development of the SOHE course is an example of how innovation in e-learning and the use of artificial intelligence can boost training in the industry, improving safety, occupational health and environmental protection. This approach can serve as inspiration for other companies that seek to adapt to a constantly evolving business environment and ensure long-term success. The use of e-learning services can also improve knowledge retention and customer satisfaction. By offering interactive and multimedia content, such as videos, animations and quizzes, companies can increase the participation and engagement of customers in the learning process, which in turn can result in a better understanding and application of the acquired knowledge. In addition, e-learning allows companies to monitor and evaluate the progress of customers, which allows the identification of areas where additional support or adjustments in the training content are required. The use of e-learning services can also improve the competitiveness and reputation of an industrial company. By offering cutting-edge training and support solutions, companies can position themselves as leaders in innovation and customer service. This can generate trust and loyalty in customers, which can result in a greater adoption of products and an increase in sales in the long term. The adoption of e-learning services in the field of training, coaching and support of industrial products can have a significant impact on the acceleration of product adoption and the optimization of costs and times. By offering greater flexibility, efficiency and accessibility in training, industrial companies can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen their position in the market. For Spherical, this translates into a potential for growth and success in its service offerings to mining companies and other industrial sectors.