Architecture of Success: Turn Innovation into a Competitive Advantage


Our approach aligns with the critical stages of design:


We start with a deep research, using interviews, surveys and reference analysis to fully immerse ourselves in the user and industry context.


We build Proto Personas and Empathy Maps, which allow us to see through the eyes of the users, ensuring that our solutions are human-centered.


We define User Stories and Jobs Stories to make sure that our solutions are practical and valuable. Our Value Proposition Canvas is the tool that allows us to prioritize features for a successful MVP.

Information Architecture

We organize and structure the information with sitemaps and user flows, ensuring an intuitive navigation and a consistent user experience.

Ideation and Prototyping

Through sketching and wireframing, we bring to life tangible ideas, that then evolve into prototypes ready to be tested with real users.

UI Design

We pay special attention to the design of interfaces, where aesthetics meets usability, to create visual experiences that are not only beautiful but also intuitive and accessible.

An Iterative Design Cycle

Our approach is cyclical, following a path of Discovery, Define, Develop y Deliver,, which allows us to iterate and improve continuously.
From the identification of the challenge to the delivery of results, our methodology is dynamic and adapts to the changing needs of the project and the market.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation:


We understand the fundamentals of product and service design and apply them to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. We partner with companies to collaborate closely in every step of the way, ensuring a service that is synonymous with quality and innovation.
Transbank Service Design: Optimizing the External Sales Network

Transbank Service Design: Optimizing the External Sales Network

Transbank has a wide network of external distributors in charge of marketing its products to entrepreneurs, small businesses and service providers in their initial stages. These distributors faced significant challenges, such as the need for

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Transforming Healthcare with

Transforming Healthcare with

In collaboration with Laboratorio Roche, Spherical designed and developed, a multifaceted platform for healthcare focused on various pathologies. This platform, launched in February 2022, not only serves as a practical guide for the health

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