Transbank Service Design: Optimizing the External Sales Network

Transbank has a wide network of external distributors in charge of marketing its products to entrepreneurs, small businesses and service providers in their initial stages. These distributors faced significant challenges, such as the need for efficient tools and supports to optimize their sales times, increase customer loyalty and minimize technical support requests through official channels. In response to these challenges, service design was used as a comprehensive approach to address the various problems and complexities associated with direct sales


Quantitative Research:

We carried out an exhaustive analysis of various sales information channels and key performance metrics. This allowed us to understand the behavior and systemic dynamics of the field sales channels.

Qualitative Research:

Through in-depth interviews with all the actors involved in the service, from merchants to sellers, their experiences, challenges and service expectations were explored. This approach allowed us to obtain a detailed and personal vision of their needs and perceptions.

Audiovisual Documentation:

As a complement to the previous research, we did a professional photographic documentation of the entire process. This approach not only provided a detailed visual record but also humanized the experience, giving a face and identity to those who interact directly with the service.

Service Design:

Using service design principles, we developed a comprehensive solution that covers multiple channels and dimensions. A detailed ‘blueprint’ was generated, along with three service architectures, strategic initiatives and flow diagrams, all oriented to an effective implementation and improvement of the service offered.