Mentoring Innovation: Our Collaboration with Universidad Católica’s Innovation Center.

At Spherical, we are not only experts in cutting-edge technologies, but we love to share our know-how. Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Universidad Católica’s Innovation Center, where we taught the workshop “The Role of UX Design in MVP Development”. The goal? To train entrepreneurs and businesses in the development of viable digital products using Low/No Code technologies. The possibility of taking this format and impacting organizations is huge.


Providing a more efficient way to turn ideas into MVPs to test and validate them quickly.

Empowering startups and large companies to be more agile and efficient.

Low/No Code skills translate into lower costs and development times.


The possibility of taking this format to various organizations is huge.

We can adjust the curriculum to cater to specific industrial sectors, addressing their unique challenges. The workshop model that we implemented at Universidad Católica is highly adaptable, online or in-person, which means that anyone from startups to corporations can benefit from our approach to UX and MVP development. The combination with Low/No Code techniques facilitates a faster validation process, saving time and resources. The participants leave the workshop not only with stronger MVP fundamentals, but also with skills that they can apply in future projects. The ability to quickly implement MVPs through Low/No Code techniques can revolutionize the way organizations scale their operations and test new ideas. Through this project, we have shown that we are more than consultants; we are partners committed to the long-term success of our clients.